About Tarsago

Tarsago Media Group was established in early 2013 as part of a management buy-out of the former Reader’s Digest publishing and direct marketing companies in Central Europe, with operations on six markets: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and United Kingdom. TMG includes legal entities in each of its markets: Tarsago Polska sp. z o.o., Tarsago Romania S.R.L., Tarsago Magyarország Kft., Tarsago Česká republika, s.r.o., Tarsago Slovensko, s.r.o. and Tarsago Ltd.

In April 2013, the company signed an agreement with the American media company The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., on the basis of which TMG became the owner of the former Reader’s Digest entities in Poland, Romania and Hungary, and was also granted a license allowing for the sale of Reader’s Digest products in those countries. In September 2013, TMG also acquired Reader’s Digest companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Tarsago Ltd is the last member of the growing Tarsago family.

Tarsago Media Group specializes in distance selling and possesses an extensive database of over 25 million individual direct mail channel customers and almost one million business entities in the e-mailing channel. With over 1 million products sold annually in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, and the United Kingdom, the company holds the leading position in the scope of direct marketing in all the markets it services and continues to expand its B2B product and B2C services assortment, and also its geographical reach – with exceptional database capabilities and analysts, outstanding content creation teams, strong local B2B sales professionals, and world-class direct marketeers and product buyers.

Our brands

Tarsago Media Group owns strong brands operating on its markets:

Sampure Minerals

Sampure Minerals

Sampure Minerals has been present successfully on the British market since 2009. It is the first Halal certified brand of makeup in Europe, it’s also Vegetarian, Vegan and Cruelty Free certified and offers customers a complete range of premium mineral makeup without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens, haram alcohol or animal ingredients. Sampure Minerals received number of prestigious awards for its quality. Since 2015 our geographic footprint has expanded thanks to partnerships with distributors in many countries around the world.

MyCompany Magazin

My Company Polska

Is a new Polish business magazine for small and medium entrepreneurs, business owners and managers. Its aim is to assist in running businesses, inform about news and trends and inspire for further development. Every monthly issue of the magazine is available in digital format, too, and our online platform offers content and web tools that help manage business. My Company Polska also organizes conferences and trainings for entrepreneurs.

Tarsago Ltd.


The Tarsago brand directly reaches millions of households across Central Europe with a wide range of carefully chosen products for individual customers: from vitamins to home appliances and home decorations, from music, books, and magazines to vacation packages, Tarsago offers customers direct access to an infinite world of high-quality products and services. The Tarsago brand is also recognized as a strong and trusted source of direct marketing expertise delivering powerful results for its B2B partners. Using the knowledge, know-how, and customer base generated in its own B2C business, the Tarsago brand has become a synonym for providing the very best in measurable, multi-channel targeted campaigns for other companies representing a wide range of industries and market segments.

Mobile B2B

Mobile B2B

Provides comprehensive communication solutions for B2B clients on the Polish market. The offer includes e-mailing, video e-mailing, telemarketing and SMS/MMS campaigns. MobileB2B also creates mobile applications, multimedia presentations and professional web in RWD technology.

Digital Contact

Digital Contact

Is an online ad agency operating in Poland and Romania. We help our partners built a successful online advertising strategy by preparing plans for operating, placements and media plans. The network specializes in realizing display campaigns, content marketing and campaigns on mobile devices, SMS/MMS and in-text adverts. Additionally, we offer our own B2B and B2C mailing databases.



Tarsago Polska Sp. z o. o.

EMPARK Mokotów Business Park
Budynek SATURN, piętro 7
ul. Domaniewska 41
02-672 Warszawa

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tel.: +48 22 319 32 00
fax: +48 22 319 32 99
NIP: 526 10 01 610


Tarsago Česká republika, s.r.o.

Dock In 1
Voctářova 5
180 00 Praha 8

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e-mail: contact.cz@tarsago.com
tel.: +420 222 071 232

Zákaznické oddělení
(v pracovní dny mezi 8:00 a 18:00)
e-mail: zakaznik@vyber.cz
tel.: +420 296 779 677

Obchodní oddělení
Drahuše Veverková: drahuse.veverkova@tarsago.com
Radoslav Kapraň: radoslav.kapran@tarsago.com
Miroslav Finger: miroslav.finger@tarsago.com

Tarsago Slovensko, s.r.o.

Námestie Slobody 11
811 06 Bratislava 1

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e-mail: contact.sk@tarsago.com
tel.: +421 235 448 102
fax.: +421 232 144 042


Tarsago Magyarorszag

Népfürdő utca 22
1138 Budapest

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e-mail: contact.hu@tarsago.com
tel.: +36 1 666 1800


Tarsago Romania SRL

Str. Delea Noua 2, etaj 3

sector 3 Bucuresti

cod postal 030925

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e-mail: contact.ro@tarsago.com
tel.: +40 21 201 99 97

fax: +40 21 201 99 97


Tarsago UK

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
London WC2H 9JQ, UK

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tel.: +44 203 488 18 25